I proudly use and endorse:

Pearl Drums.


Music City Custom Maple Gum Series (Bronze Oyster Finish).


10x8 Rack Tom

12x8 Rack Tom

14x14 Floor Tom

16x16 Floor Tom 

20x14 Kick Drum

22x14 Kick Drum



14x6.5 Music City Custom Reference Series (White Marine Pearl Finish).

More Info: Vlade Guigni Pearl Drums Artist Profile

MEINL Cymbals.

6" Byzance Traditional Splash

8" Soundcaster Custom Splash

10" Byzance Brilliant Splash

12" Classics Custom Stack

14" Byzance Traditional Hi Hats

14"/16" Gen-X Filter China Stack 

14" Byzance Jazz Tradition Hi Hats

14" Byzance Vintage Sand Hi Hats

16" Classics Custom Stack

18" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash

18" Byzance Jazz Tradition Thin Crash

19" Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash

19" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash

20" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash Ride

20" Byzance Vintage Crash 

20" Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash

20" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash

20" Byzance Foundry Reserve Light Ride

21" Byzance Dark Ride

22" Byzance Jazz Tradition Light Ride

22" Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride

22" Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride

22" Byzance Jazz Monophonic Ride

22" Byzance Foundry Reserve Ride

More info: Vlade Guigni Meinl Cymbals Artist Profile

MEINL Sticks and Brushes.


5B Hybrid

Big Apple Swing



More info: Vlade Guigni Meinl Stick & Brush Artist Profile

EVANS Drumheads.

Rack Toms Batter: UV1 Coated 

Rack Toms Reso: 7 Reso Coated 

Floor Toms Batter: UV2 Coated

Floor Toms Reso: 7 Reso Coated 

Snare Batter: UV1 Coated

Snare Side: 300 Snare Side

Bass Drum Batter: UV EMAD

Bass Drum Reso: EQ3 Reso Smooth White  


More info: Vlade Guigni Evans Drumheads Artist Profile

Earthworks High Definition Microphones.

(4) SR25s (Hi Hats, Snare Top, Overheads)

(5) DM20s (Toms and Snare Bottom)

(2) TC20s (Room)


More info: Vlade Guigni Earthworks Microphones Artis Profile


Big Fat Snare Drum Vlade's Profile 

SlapKlatz Vlade's Profile

Cymbal Resonance System (CRS) Vlade's Profile

TNR Products


AHEAD Armor Cases