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Vlade Guigni

Drummer, Producer/Engineer, Educator. 



F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Vlade Guigni has shown immense growth and maturation over our years of working together. He is extremely talented, hard working, sincere, ambitious, and a killing drummer! I am proud to include him among the ranks of musicians I have had the great honor to share information with.... He truly is one of my SOLDIERS that I am most proud of..... RP"

-Ralph Peterson Jr. Master Drummer and Educator

"Vlade Guigni is an inspiring drummer and musician with a superior work ethic and aptitude. He is extremely versatile and musically mature far beyond his years. It’s a pleasure listening to him play and I eagerly anticipate his contributions to the music world!"


-Terri Lyne Carrington. 3 time Grammy® award winner

"Vlade is a great example of "cutting-edge".  His performance is a fresh blend of old and new.  His outlook and approach to music is "having one foot in the past and the foot in the future". His concept and approach to music bridges the styles of Jazz, Western European Classical Music, Brazilian, Cuban, West-Indian, Asian, Indian and African music.  His performance exemplifies a high level of creativity, maturity and vigor.  Vlade is definitely a leading titan of his generation". 


-Neal Smith. Professor, Berklee College of Music


"Vlade's [playing] has grown a lot since his days in DR. His command of jazz has taken new heights and his depth it's outstanding for his age. All this while, keeping his feet grounded in his Latin /Dominican roots.. Looking forward to hear a lot more from him"


-Guy Frometa. Juan Luis Guerra &440


"Vlade is a very talented drummer...super dedicated musician"


-Ian Froman. Metalwood, Drummers Collective NYC.


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